Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth is one of the most popular wireless technology. Because it is widely spread, its price is relatively cheap.

Bluetooth Mesh is a newly introduced standard in 2017, that enables to make mesh network using Bluetooth. Bluetooth Mesh is a protocol enhancement and it can use normal Bluetooth Low Energy hardware, so it's powerful yet still low price.

A-Sum Technology offers Bluetooth Mesh technology to use in Buildings (Offices, Warehouses, etc.). We think it's suitable for wireless lighting control and office environment monitoring. We offer Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Kit for prototyping IoT system, and custom wireless module for volume production.

Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Kit ASBT-KT200 is a sensor kit for IoT system prototype.

This sensor kit has four sensors.

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Illuminance Sensor
  • IR Reflection Sensor

Also it has Grove connector to connect an external sensors. There are many types of Grove sensors available in market, such as CO2 sensor, Heart Rate sensor, weight sensor, etc. We can customize firmware to connect external sensors.

This sensor kit can operate with battery (AAA x 3) or USB power. We can also provide sample gateway for experiments.

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