New Value Creation Exhibition 2019

A-Sum technology attended New Value Creation Exhibition 2019 (Nov 27-29) in Tokyo.

We introduced our wireless and sensor technology including Gesture Sensor and Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Kit.

Gesture sensor can recognize hand moving and can control equipment without touch. Our gesture sensor doesn't use camera and is small and low cost. It is ideal for equipment which people should not touch. For example, equipment for food factory, hospital, and restroom.

Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Kit can do multi-hop so entire building can be covered. Also we will introduce other wireless technologies like Sub-GHz and Bluetooth Low Energy. Our company can manage total IoT system from wireless module to cloud web app. To illustrate it, we showed our location tag system.

Sensor/IoT Technology Expo 2019

Exhibition Dates Nov 27(WED)-29(FRI), 2019
Exhibition Place Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)
Opening Hour 10:00-17:00
A-Sum Technology Booth I-080 (South 1 Hall)
Organizer Website
Note You need to register (free) in order to see this expo
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