HKTDC International ICT Expo 2019

A-Sum Technology exhibited Bluetooth Mesh solutions in HKTDC International ICT Expo 2019 in Hong Kong in April 13-16.

Many visitors stopped by our booth. We are very glad to meet buyers from all over the world.

We present our Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Kit,Wireless Lighting Control System, and Gesture Sensor Demonstration.

Two LED downlights are connected to Bluetooth Mesh module. They are controlled from DALI switches and Cloud APP via Bluetooth Mesh. These two DALI switches are generic item available in market and aren’t our product. They have standard DALI interface and connected to our Bluetooth Mesh gateway by DALI bus. The gateway recognizes DALI commands and transmits wireless command to LED downlights. A gateway is behind the panel and not shown in the picture above.

There is a Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Kit on the panel. It communicates with the gateway and transmits sensor data once per minute. Sensor data is uploaded to the cloud and user can access from Web App in the tablet. The web app is an example application for this exhibition. The app uses Google Cloud IoT Core and Firebase.

There is also a Bluetooth Mesh Sensor Kit in the namecard box. It has an IR reflection sensor and can detect if there is object or not. In the picture above, there is a namecard inside the box. At that time the sensor detects that there is object. Once I pull the namecard out of the box, the sensor detects object is lost and notify the status change to the gateway. Since the Web APP is a PWA that supports notification, users can receive push notification of the status change in tablet.

A-Sum Technology will contribute to Internet of Things technology by developing solution that everyone can easily use.

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